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major investing institutions, sovereign wealth funds, the Regulators, hedge / long funds, private equity managers, consultants, the legal community, the media, Family Offices, and selected private clients.

  • 43 years in Asia 
  • 35 years working experience; in Europe, Asia and the US
  • 29 years in the investment markets
  • Richard Harris has pioneered investment management in Asia for nearly 30 years
  • Port Shelter is highly experienced and truly independent
  • Delivers creative, leading-edge and effective investment business models to your platform.
  • We provide ideas, management and contacts and can execute your plans
  • We have a contact network of more than 6,000 gathered over more than three decades, globally.
  • We are regulated by the HK Securities and Futures Commission (Responsible Officer for Hodes Weill Asia)
  • We provide many value-added skills in one entity
  • Richard coined the term Li-onomics, the economic policies of Premier Li Ke Qiang.
  • Prolific media contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg, Radio, global newspapers and journals
  • Profile here: Richard Harris profile

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“Never in my career have those managing money been exposed to such adverse headwinds. But I believe that experience and knowledge adds the extra value that differentiates between success – and the alternative.”

Richard Harris C.Eng, BSc, MSc, MBA (Harvard)

Utilise my 35 years of experience in your organisation in consulting, operations or strategy

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2013 – coined the term, Li-onomics, the economic policy mix of Premier Li Ke Qiang of China.

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